Thursday, November 15, 2018

NEWLY Handmade,handcrafted,blank or poem cards

 Design handcrafted and handmade Using metal dies and 2D folder 
smaller  dies like hearts or butterflies, and word Dies. 
If you or your friends interest in purchase something I list here contact me at this email:  List in subject like buy 3 blue heart cards or red heart card, Believe card? For example. I may have 4 to 10 of the first two cards. 


These i am trying to sell on ebay as we speak.
NO very much They are bit smaller than a 2x5 bookmarks.

Here is link go to to to buy.

A Must sell all.      CLICK HERE

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Yesterday made. I thinking selling these. If like buy send me email: I can made up to 10 more if need. but may not have the lace flower but I may use something else like regular lace or some burlap over it first. The white rose or pearl embellishment. 

Friday, April 28, 2017


Price $1.50 each on sale as shown optional tassel color white or gold.

Friday, November 18, 2016

NEW Creations!!



Front of the love poem card

Inside of the card

back of the card


These are another set of love blank cards I done. Recent. And envelops I add some hearts.
Show front of card and inside, I use washi tape and Love rubber stamp and some gray paper I gotten on sale. Use white cardstock. And add mini heart white or read as needed.

May half to click the arrow to start this video
I recorded. This my personal bath bucket I design for my items.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015




Handmade Bucket

Handmade buckets~
on sale 

Happy Birthday handmade Cards

Happy Birthday handmade Cards
 (contact me for more of these customized)
Price will vary as well
 size: 6x9 or small
 Mixed pastels or bold




Here is my own personal Design Digital Bookmarks. I also have some handmade bookmarks. I love writing about nature, God, hope and love. So I combine my talented writing of poems into bookmarks for example.
I actually save them as jpg, then bring them into a word doc and save them as pdf.
I able to print off 3 to 4 on a single sheet of gloss paper or cardstock.

Now to get the laminated water proof of the bookmarks I print them mainly on premium glossy paper, then from there I laminated by buying Laminated sheet to cover them and put them thru
a laminated. And this keep them from be so thick but brings out the quality of the text and image all in one. If ever I wanted to I can adjust the size of my bookmark to 2x7 if not a 2x8.


This is design and written by Feon Davis owner of Personal Gifts -

All brand new items. All items are of Christian faith-centered poems and of love poems applied varies of items.
Just like a rose blossoming. I love giving and sharing so as a loving spirit of God's love through quotes, poems and designing flowing together in harmony.  
Tell your friends!!